Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Current To-Do List

Okay, first, I swear that posts on both "bug out bags/buckets" and a State-of-the-Garden post are coming. No, really! But I've gotta get a certain bizarrely expanding list of things done around home soon, and I thought, gee, wouldn't y'all like to know what's on that list? Sure you do. Besides, maybe if I tell y'all, you'll hold me to it:
  1. Finish making seed tapes: I suspect there's another post in here on this one--I even took pictures. This is the only civilized way to plant carrots, IMO.
  2. Re-pot herb seedlings & nasturtiums.
  3. Start remaining herb seedlings, and cast around for more herbs to get just in case (my feverfew didn't make it through the winter. Hmph.)
  4. Make list of herbal thingumies I want to make, so that I don't keep forgetting what I'm on about. My first order of business is completing my herbal "home remedies" kit.
  5. Finish planting peas.
  6. Oh... start planting peas.
  7. Get one more rainbarrel, and some tin-snips so that I can cut into my drainpipe and attach it to the barrel.
  8. Get at least 8 more 5-gallon water jugs at Big Lots (if they still have them).
  9. Get Brian's seed potatoes.
  10. Get 2-3 grape canes.
  11. Get blueberry bush.
  12. Build a rocket stove--yeeeeaaaargh!
Today I finally got my garden squared away. All garden beds (in the main garden) that need to be built have been built. All compost has been distributed where it needs to go. All beds have been fertilized with my homebrew mix of stuff (that I've been sneezing out of my nose now for three hours). The only structural things left to do are to finish demarcating the "square feet" in each of my 4'x4' garden beds, as per the method in Square Foot Gardening, and to order in some bulk mulch so that I can line the paths between the beds (and finish mulching the asparagus bed). I'll also review the whole Square Foot thing once I've gotten more experience with it, but so far, so good.

Okay, I'm off to drink my lovely evening digestive tea (ginger, Angostura bitters, honey, plus some echinacea cause I think I'm getting sick, and some chamomile cause I like to sleep), and make some more carrot tapes! Wheeee!

UPDATE: Crap! I ran out of carrot seeds!


  1. Sounds lovely to me. I have a whole herd of baby cauliflowers 'this' (holds fingers apart to show how long) big now!

  2. Don't bother with the square foot markers. Just make a mark on your planting trowel a few pertinent spacings: 3", 6", 9", 12". Or remember that the blade is 6" long and the handle is 4" long, or whatever. Then, when you're planting, you just need to put one seed at the tip of the trowel and one at the mark, then move along, spacing as you go.

  3. Ahavah--you know, I've never planted cauliflower, even though we love it. Let me know how that goes.

    Emily--actually, I kinda like the grid; I'm not really sure why, but it appeals to me somehow (perhaps I have a latent need to do double-entry bookkeeping?). Thanks for the suggestions, though!

  4. OH MY COD! You've figured out how to turn a garden into a spreadsheet!! I take back everything I said about no grid. Latent accountants, unite!

  5. Carrot tapes. What is this strange creature? Sounds intriguing.