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Monday, April 25, 2011

My 15 minutes of fame...

Or really, more like 2:33 of fame, but whatev.

So, have you always wanted to meet me?  Well, here's your chance:

Yup, thas me (no, not the well-coiffed woman at the desk, the scruffy looking one walking around her house).  My family was recently featured on a local station for Earth Day for our sustainable lifestyle.  They wondered who would be a good representative for this topic, and came up with me.  Seriously, I have no idea how they did that, either.  That's not false modesty--I think I'm a halfway decent choice, I just have no idea how they arrived at my name.

At any rate, I was relieved to see that the piece was not a hatchet-job, as I have seen happen to others.  In reality, I was never really worried that our local news station would do something like that to me, but I had seen national media do some truly awful things to people that I respect and care about, so I was a bit hesitant.  Also... um... I was more than a little worried that they'd get to my house and go "I thought you would be all hardcore, candlelight and a campfire in the living room, and instead I see your son playing the Wii!"  But they were kind to me and my family, and somehow even made our house look nicer than I think it really does on the outside (did they photoshop out the peeling paint?!  Thanks!).

They did leave out some of what I felt were *ahem* some of my better moments *snort*, but they did leave in the bit about cooking, which was good, since I think that's really important. 

And can I just say that I've never gotten so much gardening work done this early in the season, as when I was panicking about a fricking camera crew in my house and garden.  Man, that's motivation for you.  Brian had the house spotless, too.  And then--this is exactly the way things happen, too--not 15 mintues before the cameraman is due to arrive, I peek outside and my chickens have gotten under the netting of the lettuce bed and utterly demolished it.  Four chickens scratching away like lunatics in a 4'x4' bed.  AAARRRRGH!  It was a beautiful bed, too.  And it's making a solid recovery, but not within the 15 mintues before WTWO showed up.  They also filmed and showed a lot of the recently-planted strawberry beds, which look essentially like two big, 10' long walled-in piles of mud.  Ah well.  Probably the nicest looking thing in the garden at that point, to tell the truth.

But anyway... so there I am.  Hi everyone!