Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey all you Urban Gardeners!

Get yer butts over to The Urban Garden Project and JOIN UP! Stand up and be counted! The only requirements are that you are gardening (and yes, containers on your balcony count) within the city limits, so get to it!

And, in other Adapting news, my neighbor and I are getting dangerously close to getting chickens. "Close" meaning that we've been emailing each other design plans for various coops.


  1. Took me a while to figure out how to join - but I did it!

    I actually have potatoes growing in a recycled desk drawer and I HAVE LEAVES!

    .... something...... ??? has been munching on one of my seeds though.... :0( that will have to STOP!

  2. Ahavah--you could maybe cover the plants in row cover, or cages of chickenwire, until they're big enough to shrug off such attacks? Especially things like potatoes, which don't require germination, can be covered by floating row cover until it's ready to harvest.

  3. I have mesh covers over the baby potato shoots... nooo the problem is in my (uses word loosely) 'greenhouse'.... hummmmm and whatever it is seems to have taken a great liking to my sunflower babies.... still on the bright side at least my lettuce babies are still intact... :0D

    I've got spot 81 in the Urban Garden Project - and have spent all night charging up my camera to take some photos for them.....

  4. hey Robyn check out Urban Garden Project.... you are famous! :0D

  5. Yeah! I need to put a post up all about "yay me!!!" =D Of course, The Urban Garden Project got permission before reprinting...

  6. Urban Garden project at that link is no longer says the authors have deleted it.