Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Earth Day...

... please don't buy things packaged in ridiculous "100% compostable" bags & wrappers unless you actually have compost to put it in. Understand that throwing a 100% compostable bag into the trash/landfill is no different than throwing a 100% styrofoam box into it. Nothing biodegrades in a landfill. So stop it. Or better yet, start a compost pile. Or better still, start a compost pile and still don't buy those ridiculous products. Mm-kay?

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  1. I have just discovered this blog and I am so impressed. I went back to the beginning and have read the first three posts and then I have been flipping through other posts - very very interesting. I will follow what you have to say now - but I totally agree beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone needs a compost and ALSO needs to stop buying as many prepackaged items as possible. Cheers, Wendy