Saturday, May 9, 2009

The List

Well, for those of you who know me, you know that I am currently adjuncting at one of our local Universities. I've got two classes worth of finals sitting on my couch right now, which is probably why I'm sitting here typing. I've noticed, over the past few days of grading, that I have an ever-growing list of "things that I'm gonna do once I'm done with my grading." It's worth mentioning that this list starts almost immediately after grades are due at noon on Tuesday. So far, it looks something like this:
  • Tues, 2:30: pick up Alex from school, make chocolate-oatmeal cookies (at the request of Alex & Ian--I'll just have to figure out what "chocolate oatmeal cookies" actually are)
  • Mulch in the entire side-garden for more medicinal herbs
  • Mulch the current herbs
  • Plant my new herbs from the local herb fair in pots (the ones that go in the ground are already there--I had to de-stress from grading, after all)
  • Sweep up the ghastly mess of little branches & rotting leaves that are all that remain of The Evil Gumball Tree. Put leaves in leaf mold pile (which I built a couple of days ago). Sticks will go... um... well, we'll figure that out later, now won't we?
  • Clean the ever-lovin' bejezus out of my house. It has been Far. Too. Long.
  • Finish up the rain barrels, which I've got mostly installed now.
  • Probably take some pictures of all of this for the blog.
  • Get some vegetable glycerin to make kid-friendly herbal tinctures. It's not that the kids would ingest so much alcohol if I just used vodka-based tinctures (probably no more than half a teaspoon for an entire formula dose). But something about sending my 7-year-old to school smelling of Smirnoff seems like a bad idea.
  • Bar-b-que. Yeah.
  • Look into making a really awesome solar water heater predicated on long loops of black hose slung up on my roof.
  • Finally write that "bug-out bag/bucket" post I've been swearing I'll write for so long now.
So that should get me through till Friday, right? *smirk*


  1. I know exactly how you feel about having a list of things to do instead of - oops, I mean after grading! Good luck with it all!

  2. I like to say "as an accent to my grading". I think that provides the right level of pleasant imagery paired with obfuscating language. ;-)